Friday, July 10, 2015

Detecting Time Leaks in Personal Life


Surprised at the title? Does it look very familiar like "Detecting Memory Leaks in your Application" ?

Most of us are so engrossed with our Professional life and personal life. We keep thinking/saying that we don't have enough time to spend with family and at home or even for ourselves. I was of the same opinion until I realized how a daily technology (like a cellphone or a TV) can kill our time so unknowingly. I think can be classified as Technology Clutter and once in a while we need to cleanup the clutter to be more organized. 

What was happening? My cellphone (which we are supposed to use for calls) was only being used to play games and be social online (which is highly antisocial -> ignoring people next to you and looking for people online)

What did I do to resolve this? Without much sermons, I'm going straight to action taken by me. 

  • First step: I stopped playing Candy crush: Agreed we need to have fun, but this was just taking over my time, the game, the requests, the failed attempts etc. I got some hours back instantly.
  • Next step: Thrilled with so much time, I went for the kill. I uninstalled Facebook from my phone. This was the next Time killer app.
  • Some more: Uninstalled variety of Apps which keep sending unwanted notifications and hogging your phone's battery life and your unwanted attention. This include Facebook Messenger, Google Inbox (I have gmail), Twitter, Instagram, some more apps which keep running.

After this first round of cleanup, I have lot of time and started spending more time at home with my daughter as well and some more personal time (writing blogs, hacking things like Windows IoT on Rapberry Pi 2).

I'm targeting the next round of detecting the Time Leaks soon..

Any suggestions for me? How do you deal with this? Feel free to leave your valuable comments and critique :)

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