Sunday, December 07, 2008

Microsoft and Linux: How can both win!

Microsoft Windows is most used Operating system in the world. But the latest buzz is Windows is losing it stronghold. As per this news, Windows market share dives below 90% for first time. But who are the gainers? The statistics show that MAC and Linux are growing.

So what will happen if 50% percent of users switch over to MAC or Linux ? Yes, I agree it is not going to happen overnight but I can foresee it happening. More than moving to MAC, most of them will consider moving to Linux pretty soon. So, gone are the days when Microsoft was not worried about Linux. Yes they are worried and this result of this were some notable deals (Linspire , Novell, Xandros ..) Of course some may not be still active, but the truth is Microsoft sees the potential. Some more news also suggests that Microsoft is increasing focus on Windows and Linux interoperability.

Why can't Microsoft offer a free Open Source OS (which can be Linux) to users are not too interested in paying money? Rather, why can't Microsoft Launch its own open source Microsoft Linux Distribution? MS has the money. MS has the talent and resources. Moreover, Microsoft engineers can contribute to the Open Source Linux (of course, let them not do any development on Windows OS, let them not have any access to Windows source code). Moreover, Windows can still get something out of open source Linux and MS can still continue to improve their Windows OS.

Yes. I agree that they do business and they are here to make money and can't be doing free service. Hence, it may not sound logical for Microsoft to make Linux OS & applications for now. But it is very small investment for Microsoft at this point of time and after 10 or 15 years, the benefits will be huge.

The Windows OS with 90% shares, can only increase to 100% . That's a 10 % change but incase of Linux OS with .8 % share (that too with multiple distributions) can also grow to 100%, which is upto 99 %. Which has more potential? If it grows, it will eat up only Microsoft's share.

At least, the tremendous confidence of 90% windows users will still be with Microsoft and if some them want they can switch over to Microsoft Linux. I'm sure if the product is good the user is ready to pay it (particularly if he is loyal Microsoft Customer). After 20 years, we might see another type of competition, Microsoft Linux Vs. Red Hat Linux. How does that sound?

But I know for sure Ubuntu will be the winner! :)

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